This could be a place where I list all the books I've written, or talk about the great new music album I just put out, but I haven't really done any of that, so... Well, I can point you to a few things you might find interesting.  Along with the generic flickr photos link in the sidebar, here are a few specific collections we keep around:

Photos of Brooklynn: organized by week - all baby, all the time Photos of Food: Don't go here if you are trying eat healthy, because I do not photograph veggies for the fun of it.

Also, we put up videos on Vimeo (also linked in the side bar).  None of this YouTube rubbish here.

I also link all of our posts with either photos or videos in them under the Media Category.  Not every photo on flickr makes it to the website, and not every photo on the site is on flickr.  Really helpful, right?