project family 2.9.38b: freeloader edition

She's still in there.

From my extensive research, which mostly involves googling "When with this darn baby come?", anything after 37 weeks is considered full term (medically speaking), and anything after 38 weeks is just down right freeloading by the baby, plumping up and not really developing all that much further.

So, Beta is officially a full-fledged release candidate, and while we had a whole list of "OMG WE ARE NOT READY FOR A BABY" type things to do last weekend, we actually got them done.  Yes, we still have things to do, but not crazy levels of madness to do type items.

At the 37 week checkup, Rhiannon's doctor told her that she was looking like the baby might be getting ready to come out, and that combined with her coworker who had a baby at 38 weeks kind of put us in the mode to actually have this kid.  Tomorrow is 39 weeks, and Rhiannon is starting to get tired and achy and uncomfortable.

Enough that she is passing some of the time looking at ways to naturally induce labor.  One of the suggestions is to talk to your baby and tell her that everything is ready for her and so many people are really excited to see her, etc.

I leaned over to Rhiannon's belly and said, "Beta, this is your father talking.  You come out right this instant, and don't make me repeat myself young lady."

No response.  I think we have a teenager trapped in a newborn's body.  Rhiannon told me I need to work on my stern voice.

Somewhere inside there, I think Beta is laughing at us.