they match

Maddi has spent her entire life preparing her cheeks to go with this shirt. I Heart Candy

I'd say it was a resounding success. In case you're interested in what her methodology is, see below:


Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

what month is it

Rhiannon started her new teaching job this week. It came a couple weeks later than she would have started down in Colorado, so we had a little reprieve, but school typically signals the end of summer. Of course, the first day of school this year was also the hottest day of the past three months, so who knows what anything means anymore. I have to admit, even though I work in Bismarck, there are days it still feels like vacation. Like this is just a temporary assignment and at some point it will end and I’ll go back to my real job. Change is hard. It was hard to pack up and leave our first house, the home we brought our girls to from the hospital. Hard to leave the security of established careers and futures.

At the same time, change is exciting. We are within weekend driving distance of grandparents. We can run out and see cousins for an evening. We no longer drive a combined 75 miles and 2 hour per day, 5 days a week, and the alarm doesn't go off before 6 am. Hopefully, in a few years, we'll have a chance to build a custom house on some land we picked out without living 50 miles from our jobs or not spending into the 7-figures to do it.

Brooklynn still talks about her friends from Colorado. Maddi doesn’t, but then, Maddi doesn’t talk. We are still adjusting to a new life. Last year at this time, we would never have predicted this is where we’d be. At times during the process of preparing to move and actually coming up, it seemed like it took forever. Looking back, we didn't finish nearly everything we wanted to do before it was time to leave.

Is there a point to this? No, not at all. But I'm going to start writing more, and I needed to start somewhere.

Here's a picture of Maddi and firetruck that Rhiannon had when she was little. Because let's be honest, with as little as I've been writing, people are just checking to see new pictures of the kids once in a while.


oh no!

We have been reading the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty out of Brooklynn's princess story book for a week now and she has been requesting to see the movie. Tonight, it's raining and we can't go outside, so I figured it was a good as night as any to watch it. Oh no!

Even though she knew it was coming, Malificent's first appearance was still enough to warrant an extended eye-covering period.

let's all be nice

We were driving home with the kids in the back and Rhiannon and I discussed something work related. Rhiannon’s comment to me about some ideas we were kicking around was “at least put a bug in his ear about it”. I replied, “Yeah, maybe I’ll do that.”

And from the back seat, “Hey, you don’t put bugs in people’s ears. That’s not nice!”

So, we got to try and explain how that phrase just means to tell someone an idea and maybe they’ll think about it and do something in the future. No bugs involved. And after trying to approach that several ways, I thought we reached an understanding. No real bugs, no naughty behavior. Just a case of a misunderstood idiom. Rhiannon and I moved on with our conversation.

Apparently not all of us moved on because a few minutes later, from the back seat, a small voice muttered to herself, “I don’t like bugs and I will not put them in people’s ears for ideas.”

stop, thief!

It seems like this should be something out of a cop TV show, where the police chief gives a statement that the suspect was successfully apprehended, complete with incriminatory evidence, after a lengthy investigation. Then cut to the tv interview of the mother saying how she tried to raise her baby right but didn’t know what else she could have done and the token neighbor saying how shocked everyone is. Maddi is a sock stealer. Not only does she rapidly and repeatedly attempt to take off any socks we put on her feet, but now she is mobile and crawling, and early reports from daycare seem to indicate that she will attempt to take socks of the other kids. As they put it, she's on the prowl. All the time.

If her behavior toward me is in anyway typical, she really is very interested in feet and socks. Who would ever suspect such a thing out of someone with cheeks like that?

So Pleased

friendly hangout

We were outside last weekend checking out our neighbors new camper when Brooklynn and Dylan decided to take off. They headed to our house to play, and when I informed them it wasn't ok for little girls to go inside completely unsupervised for too long, they decided that the rock by our lawn was the next best place to hang out. Get Friendly

I imagine it will seem like the blink of an eye until I wish that they would like to stay at our house to play rather than taking off across the neighborhood.

early reader

Brooklynn can't read yet, but it doesn't stop her from trying to look like she's a little bit of a bookworm. Book-wormish

As far as we know, no, there is nothing wrong with her eyes yet. The glasses are a trial pair for her dad who also looks like a huge nerd when he wears them. Those will not be the pair that sticks around the house.


A few weeks ago I got add another airport to my list of places I've been in[1. Thanks to a flight delay, I had plenty of time there to walk around.]. If only a few more of them were international... SFO


If anyone is keeping track, I'm just completing pictures of Maddison for when she was 1-3 months old. Yeah, a little behind, considering she is fast approaching her 5 month mark. Still, 37 more pictures up than were done yesterday[1. We won't mention the fact I still need to start memory books for Brooklynn from when she was a baby.]. As much as I have felt stressed out about the time constraints and issues dealing with two kids, it's still pretty great to have them around. Especially when they are happy and good with each other.

Showing her the ropes

it's a treat

I'm posting this too late to help you if you didn't already know[1. First Friday of June of every year. so go ahead and mark June 7, 2013, down on your calendars now.], but happy National Donut Day. Brooklynn enjoyed her free donut (and her mom's as well) compliments of our local donut shop.

Donut day

couching it

Hey, look everyone. We still have kids that are growing. They even coordinate. It's like they're sisters or something. Sisters

If you haven't been to flickr recently, click through the link on the image. They've changed their layout[1. Yeah, it might be a little late compared to some other photo sharing options, but it's better than nothing.].

it's always nap time

Maddison has been on a schedule were she is up a little later than we would like. This leads to us being up a little later than we would like, which means the adults in the household are feeling a little sleep deprived. The children however, have plenty of time for naps[1. I've been encouraging Rhiannon to nap as well while she's home. Yesterday she finally took me up on it.]. I think I'm going to start sleeping on the living room floor more often. She makes it look comfortable.


(Thanks to Rhiannon for the picture.)

minutes to meltdown

It's basically summer We've been having some fantastic weather here lately and we do our best to get outside in the evenings during the week. This is Brooklynn having fun minutes before she went nuclear. It ended with her locked in her room.

Second time in as many weeks.


More to come.

little by little

The week did get better. Still a lack of free time, but as much as I may complain, Maddison would like to point out that she can't talk and doesn't have a website to voice her own opinions on[1. Yet.]. Just hanging out

That look? That's the look of judgement.

From a one month old.

sister time

When I pick Brooklynn up from her school after I finish work and head home with her, she usually has two concerns. The first is if she was a good enough girl that she gets a treat. The second is if she can hold Maddison when we get home and see her. I can hold her

Yeah, we're working on getting those switched and eliminating the need for a treat entirely. Still, we're not going to complain about having two great little girls.


Maddison had her first officially scheduled one week appointment. She weighs about the same as she did a week ago. Half inch or so longer. And very well rested. One Week Checkup

So well rested that she couldn't even be bothered to wake up at the doctor's office. In fact, she slept the entire afternoon away to the tun of about 3.5 straight hours. This included driving over to pick up Brooklynn after her school day and stopping to get supper on the way home.

Now, 2 am in the morning? That's the time to party. Turns out our newborn is more of a college student schedule than anyone else in the this house would care to deal with.

taking notice

People who see Rhiannon are starting to wonder when Artoo is going to come. Things she has heard recently (and relayed to me): "You're going to have a boy. I can tell by the way you're carrying."[1. This would be quite the shock to us at this point.]

"Have you had an ultrasound recently? Are you sure that's a baby in there? I think it's more like one of those things from the Alien movies."

"Hey, I've been looking for my basketball everywhere. When are you going to give it back?"[2. From the gym teacher.]

"You're all baby. It's as big as you are!"

"You know, from behind, you don't even really look pregnant. And then you turn around and it's like 'Holy cow, where did that come from?'!"[3. This is a quote from me.]

"Brooklynn, I'm going to carry you out to the car today, because your mom can't lift you anymore."[4. Brooklynn's daycare teacher.]

"Mommy doesn't have a lap anymore. It's baby sister."[5. Brooklynn...]

Unless something very drastic happens in the next four hours, we're going to have ourselves a March baby. In the opinion of everyone around, for Rhiannon's sake, we hope it isn't halfway through March before Artoo joins us.

holiday visits

Over the past few weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas, Brooklynn has visited 3 great-grandparents, 4 grandparents, three aunts, two uncles, four cousins, and a whole slew of additional extended family. And I think if it were up to her, she would do it all agin starting next week. That would be nice if it worked that way. Of course, she'd also want us all to just play blocks and sleep in one big room, so we're really not soliciting firm ideas from her at the moment.

she loves it

On Sunday, we were driving in the car around 4:30pm and mentioned that pizza sounded good and quick for dinner. We asked the final decision maker in the back seat what her opinion was. “Brooklynn, do you want pizza?”

“Pizza. I love it! I love pizza! I looove it.”

Ok, so she’s a fan of pizza. But we’ve never heard her actually use the phrase before.

“You love pizza?”

“Yes. Pizza. I love it.”

“Do you want to have it for supper?”

“No! I love it! Pizza!”

When we can’t understand exactly what Brooklynn is saying, we will often repeat her words back to her, just to confirm we understand. So when we continued to ask if she wanted it for supper or to eat it, she thought that we were misunderstanding what she was trying to say.

And she continued to be very adamant that she loves pizza. We did pick some up that evening. She ate every bite we gave her.

She loved it.