weekend excursion

Over the weekend, we took a few days off and traveled to Minnesota for Sara’s wedding. Here’s a helpful hint for ourselves when we select flights to take in the future: If a flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning, remember how long before that time you need to leave the house (about 2 hours).

Now think about how early that is.

Is it really worth it? That’s what I thought.

So after we left our house sometime before five in the morning, we did indeed make it to the plane and up to Minnesota. Along with wedding activities, we stayed with Sheena in her new house.

I got a chance to see some people that I met during Rhiannon’s college days for the first time in a few years. We had some good pizza, saw a minor league baseball game, Rhiannon got her nails done, we ate BBQ, attended a housewarming/engagement party, and went to a wedding and reception.

The wedding itself was really nice. Being married to one of the wedding party, I got the chance to hang around and take some photos. As I become more interested in photography, it’s interesting to watch professional photographers work. I don’t know that I would do things the same way this one did, but I think she probably got some great shots.

And the reception had good food, good music, and an open bar. With a slight lowering of inhibitions, Rhiannon and I hit the dance floor and hit it hard. After the flight home on Sunday and sitting still for 2 hours, we were both pretty sore.

Congrats, Jason and Sara.

Sara and Jason

Zona Us Suck

Somewhere in the great state of Utah is a hotel with an IHOP next to it. Somewhere in the great state of Utah I have been to said IHOP, taking full advantage of the fact that it is open 24 hours a day. Meaning I was there very late/early in the night/morning. It all started innocently enough with a lacrosse road trip to Utah. After playing a double header, a teammate, Kevin, decided to go to Subway and partake in some sandwiches. Along with several of our team members, we descended on the local sub-making establishment and proceeded to tie up their facilities for a good amount of time. They were turning away people at the drive through. People in the drive through apparently can’t be bothered to wait and go to the McDonalds two parking lots over.

On the way back to the hotel, Kevin and I stop at a local gas station for further refreshment. We went in with the intent of buying Gatorade, for after two lacrosse games in warm weather, we had lost large amounts of both water and electrolytes. Alas, this gas station had a walk-in beer cooler. Walk-in. Filled with beer. Understanding that we could not pass up an opportunity to buy beer in Utah from a walk-in gas station cooler, our plans changed. Being the good engineering students, we quickly calculated that the 18 pack was a better buy than either a 6 or 12 pack, and neither of us wanting to be deprived of the thrill of purchasing beer in Utah, we both bought and 18-pack of beer.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening passed relatively uneventfully. We consumed the Subs and drank beer while watching a basketball game. Neither of us stood up for a number of hours until Kevin arose to relieve himself, got half way up, and fell back into the couch. I found this quite funny, because seriously, was he on the verge of being inebriated? We did a tally, Kevin: 8 beers left. Me: 9. Now the competition was on in full.

(Not realizing that we were just at or over halfway) We set out to finish our respective cases. This too would soon pass as repeated trips to a bathroom and “clever” switching of remaining cans ensued. Eventually, the game was given up and we, along with other member of the team, headed to IHOP, because, duh, pancakes and beer totally go together.

Our waitress at IHOP was named Pebbles. At least that’s what her nametag said. (Looking back, I have a sneaking suspicion it was a stage name, like a stripper. Apparently, in Utah, working at an all night IHOP is right up there with strip clubs.) The pancakes were excellent, as was the 4-kinds-of-syrup, Tabasco, ketchup and orange juice cocktail the guys whipped up. The hash browns in the drink, a little excessive. Even drunk people will recognize solid food in a liquid.

The top two moments of the night: 1) We had requested crayons to color on the place mats. Kevin decided to write a message that Zona sucked. Zona was quick to point out that in the days games, he had more points than Kevin, so if he sucked, then Kevin must as well. Already having written “Zona” in crayon, Kevin’s final message read, “Zona Us Suck”. It’s sad how pronoun usage is the first thing to go.

2) The guy at the table next to us proposed. In front of 4 friend and 7 lacrosse players from Colorado. At 1:30 am in an IHOP with a waitress named Pebbles. For his sake, I really hope he was as inebriated as some of us.

I played great the next day, but everyone from the other team moved really fast. Weird. I knew I should have finished the rest of that beer.

And then reality set in

So I was 18 and it was the summer after my senior year in high school and there is no girl in this story, so don’t get your hopes up. I was all ready to go to college in the big state of Colorado which I had visited many times but never lived in. And then I found out my roommate was from California - just outside of San Francisco. Me: Cool. I’m gonna know someone from California. Maybe I’ll go out there and visit in a few years. I have his phone number - I think I’ll call him sometime.

He beat me to the phone call.

Me: Hey, is this my future roomie?

My Future Roomie: Yes, this must be Chris. I have a list of question I have prepared to ask you…

*sigh…* It was about at this point that I realized that I was not going to have a cool roomate from California.

–Insert vision of learning how to surf and hanging out in Cali slowly washing away–

Was I the coolest person either? Probably not, but I had to be better than him. I mean, at least I was bringing an electric guitar and amp. That has to rate a little bit up there on the coolness factor, right? Thank you.

Turned out he was his high school treasurer and tennis team captain. Turns out the tennis team captain was also in charge of the team funds from the school. Kind of the position no one else in high school wants. Oh well. But, one good thing did come of having him as a roomate - I got to know the people at the other end of the hall very well. Two of them were part of my wedding and I still see/talk to them today.

In all honestly, thanks, I wouldn’t have done it without you.