the mighty has fallen

I don't go to the doctor. Since I graduated from high school, I've been to a doctor for one issue. I tore my ACL and had replacement surgery. Not that I don't get sick. No, I think I've taken a half day off because of illness in my almost 9 year career. I've gotten colds and even had a couple rounds of throwing up. Maybe I've been a little hard headed about going in for medical attention, but things have always resolved themselves.

This winter, our first in North Dakota, Rhiannon has been sick. Brooklynn has been sick. Maddi has been cycling through cold after cold and rarely seem to clear one round before she comes down with the next one. And through it all, I've been relatively healthy. A couple days of blowing my nose a little more often, but nothing major. Just a typical winter illness season.

Wednesday night, my throat was sore. Last night, I had a fever of 103, was achy, and didn't have much of an appetite. I passed out around 8pm after we got the girls to bed and slept for 10 hours. Looking at symptoms, they seemed to line up a little bit with influenza.

Of course, with our move this year, this is the first year I haven't gotten a flu shot. At my old office, they would have a group come by and provide flu shots in the first floor conference room. At my new office, they don't bring anyone in. So, since I'm not used to going out to get a shot myself, I never got around to it.

Fearing the worst about illness and the fact she's never seen me get knocked out for 10 hours before, Rhiannon talked me into going to the doctor, and I listened to her. This morning, after sleeping for a long night and taking some medicine, I felt better. I had intended to stop in at work, fill out my time sheet, and take the day off. Three hours later, I finally left work and went to the local walk in clinic.

Having two kids that get sick from time to time and spending a week in the hospital with Brooklynn, I'm used to answering questions from doctors. It's still different answer questions about yourself. And having your ears looked in and neck felt.

The doctor I saw didn't feel like I had influenza. He suggested we test for strep and mono. Negative on both counts. Since there isn't much to do for general viral infections, his prescription was rest and ibuprofen as needed for pain and fever relief.

It's probably not the right attitude, but it doesn't make me think going to the doctor for general illness very soon again.