it's what time again

In talking to a couple on Monday morning, they made the comment that the "fall back" time change is one of the best weekends of the year, mostly due to the fact that on Sunday morning, you get an extra hour of sleep. Unless of course, you are the parent of young children, in which case, it probably means you get to be up at what the clock says is really early on a weekend. In our case, Maddison decided that 5:45 was about as late as she cared to stay in her bed. Maddi is still in a crib, so she needs us to come and get her before she can get out of bed in the morning. She hasn't tried to climb out yet, but that's probably due to the fact that she has us trained to not leave in there too long. At some point, she started to shake the crib when she was awake and wanted out, and we jokingly made the comment that we'd better get in there before she shook the crib apart.

To Maddi, this is how it looked: She wants out, she shakes crib, and we come get her out. That's called positive reinforcement.

Fast forward to today - She wants out, so she shakes the crib. Except now she's getting big and strong enough that her shaking the crib apart feels like much more of a valid concern, so we really do go get her out pretty quickly. This morning, that happened at 6:15. 6:15 on a weekend will not be ok, so she needs to figure out this time change somewhat soon. I fear for the crib's safety if she doesn't.