i'd like some more

When Brooklynn was 12 months, daycare asked if she could have peanut butter. Up until that point, we had never intentionally given her anything with peanuts in it, so we figured we try it out at home that weekend. We gave her a little peanut butter on a graham cracker and she loved it. She also broke out in hives about 15 seconds later, so we said no to the peanut butter. For the next few years, we avoided foods with nuts for Brooklynn. She’s better now, but we just never tried anything with nuts for Maddi either. Until last night, Rhiannon was having peanut butter and celery at the dinner table. Maddi reached for her own piece of celery, but she didn’t want it plain.

We put a little peanut butter on the celery and Maddi sucked it off. Apparently it met her approval because she handed the celery back to Rhiannon for a second helping. She didn’t immediately break out, so here goes nothing, right? Peanut butter on celery handed to Maddi and celery returned shortly thereafter, devoid of any nut products.

At that point, rather than support the habit of quadruple dipping her veggies, we just gave her a spoon.

First taste of PB

She approved of that decision as well.

And no, Maddi does not typically eat dinner with no shirt, but between the yogurt and nachos and peanut butter, we were at the point of shirtless being the best option. I don’t judge your parenting style. Don’t judge mine.