what month is it

Rhiannon started her new teaching job this week. It came a couple weeks later than she would have started down in Colorado, so we had a little reprieve, but school typically signals the end of summer. Of course, the first day of school this year was also the hottest day of the past three months, so who knows what anything means anymore. I have to admit, even though I work in Bismarck, there are days it still feels like vacation. Like this is just a temporary assignment and at some point it will end and I’ll go back to my real job. Change is hard. It was hard to pack up and leave our first house, the home we brought our girls to from the hospital. Hard to leave the security of established careers and futures.

At the same time, change is exciting. We are within weekend driving distance of grandparents. We can run out and see cousins for an evening. We no longer drive a combined 75 miles and 2 hour per day, 5 days a week, and the alarm doesn't go off before 6 am. Hopefully, in a few years, we'll have a chance to build a custom house on some land we picked out without living 50 miles from our jobs or not spending into the 7-figures to do it.

Brooklynn still talks about her friends from Colorado. Maddi doesn’t, but then, Maddi doesn’t talk. We are still adjusting to a new life. Last year at this time, we would never have predicted this is where we’d be. At times during the process of preparing to move and actually coming up, it seemed like it took forever. Looking back, we didn't finish nearly everything we wanted to do before it was time to leave.

Is there a point to this? No, not at all. But I'm going to start writing more, and I needed to start somewhere.

Here's a picture of Maddi and firetruck that Rhiannon had when she was little. Because let's be honest, with as little as I've been writing, people are just checking to see new pictures of the kids once in a while.