discovering the stash

Unlike Brooklynn, Maddi likes her some pacifier from time to time. Not all the time, but more of than not, she'll take one if offered. She especially likes one when she is just a little tired but not all the way to sleep when we lay her down. We keep her crib at an angle in her room so there is a corner behind it that is both hard to see and hard to get to. When we seem to be missing some of the seven pacifiers we have around the house at any given time, we can normally look behind her bed and find one that has dropped back there at some point during a night.

Or, on a night like tonight, we can find five of them.

Sometimes I hear a story in the news about someone hoarding supplies in case of a natural disaster or government collapse. If a catastrophic event that leads to the breakdown of our society ever does occur, and if one of the supplies in high demand after such an event is a collection of pacifiers, I feel confident I know where to go: Maddi's secret stash behind her bed.


Actually, she'll probably just share them with you.