every four years

Rhiannon and I really look forward to the summer Olympics every four years, completely forgetting that the enjoyment of watching so many different sports will soon be followed by the fall presidential election season. Unlike four years ago, we have now have two kids that occupy much of our time[1. So we don't pay as much attention to politics, I guess.], and perhaps more importantly[3. I don't mean to imply that anything like this is more important overall than our kids. Rather, it was intended to be a comment that the new TV technology helps us tune out political messages more than children do. Or something like that.], we watch most[2. Anything that isn't live sports, basically.] of our TV via DVR-type technology, which means no commercials[4. Now if we could just get those political surveys and focus group telephone calls to stop].

We've already conceded the fact that our two votes will not make one bit of difference one way or the other in the county we live in, but we will still probably fill out our ballots and turn them in. Maybe I'll let Brooklynn help me with mine. She seems to have taken a recent interest in politics, especially last Saturday morning when we visited the nearby donut shop and saw these on the shelf.

The Race

Apparently, Lamar's Donuts is doing a little informal political polling of their own and they let all ages make their viewpoints known. Rhiannon and I chose to abstain from picking one or the other lest our extremist views unduly influence our young and impressionable wards.

Brooklynn had no such reservations, and when we told her the blue one was a donkey and the red one and elephant, the correct choice was quickly obvious[1. I should have said the blue one was something cool like a giraffe, just to make it more fair.].

Maybe I won't be having her help me with my ballot after all.