Seven years ago today was a Saturday. In our hometown, it turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. I wouldn't typically remember any specific day like that, especially in a town that wasn't were I was living at the time, but I do remember that one. Both Rhiannon and I were about a month out of college. I had a signed contract and job offer in Denver. She had plans to work at a summer camp and hopefully pick up a teaching job before the school year started. We were driving around the country side in a smurf blue Chevy Lumina north of 200,000 miles on the odometer. We had just signed a one year extension on the lease for the apartment I lived in during my last year of school.

We managed to drag a good chunk of our college friends back to our small hometown for that weekend. Getting people together then seemed a lot simpler. People didn't have kids. (Well, most people our age didn't.) Jobs were just getting started or they were temporary. No one was very used to full-time income anyway, so taking a little time off didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Since then, I've been at the same company, moving up the ranks with increased experience. Rhiannon is teaching in her third school and second school district, but overall our careers have been quite stable. We've been to Tuscon, Mexico, New York, Boston, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Honolulu, Lincoln, and Minneapolis. We've slept in a tent and seen Mount Rushmore. We've been in or through the Black Hills three times in three months. We've bought two cars, one house, countless flowers, and managed to kill four fish.

We've painted more rooms in the house than we've left plain. We've spent more time in IKEA the past 8 months then I care to think about. We've played together in a band, and orchestra, and a few volleyball leagues. We've made a bit of a dent in the library system requesting books with recipes of deserts.

To top it all off, we have two little girls. There are days and weeks that go by when we have no idea where the time went, and there are mornings that seem to drag on forever. We've spent a week in the hospital with a 7 month old and one night int he hospital with a newborn.

Seven years ago today we got married. It feels like forever ago and like just the blink of an eye. Our wedding picture (the one where I didn't have a ring on yet because we did pictures before the ceremony) is still hanging at the top of the stairs. It's really big, probably too big for the space. It looks a little like we have a shrine to ourselves going on. But at the end of that hall, there is a small memory box that has a program, some flowers, and matching pair of vows.

Those are the vows that Rhiannon and I wrote for each other, seven years ago today. Any they are still as true now as they were then.

Happy anniversary, Rhiannon. I love you.

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