month 2

Editor's Note: This letter was actually written when she turned two months old. That was about two weeks ago. We've just been waiting on the graphics department to catch up a little[1. Shoot, that's me too...]. Dear Maddison,

You are now two months old and threatening to outgrow your 0-3 month clothes faster than we anticipated. At your doctor appointment, you tipped the scales closing in on 14 pounds, which is more than adequate for someone your age. I won't say you are too big, because your mother and I love your chubby cheeks and rolly-thighs.

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It really is amazing how much I forget from the last time we had a baby in the house. I thought that last month was really fun, balancing you in my hand when you fell asleep laying on my chest. That pales in comparison to the eye contact you are making right now. We talk to you while you lay on the floor and sit in our laps, and you look back. Your eyes track one way, then to the other side, and all of a sudden you find one of our faces. Your eyebrows shoot up, your eyes open up wide, and you look right at us.

I think your expression can best described as a "Hey, there's someone else here too!" type of feeling, and it's wonderful to know that your in there. And when you do find us, you smile when you see our faces, especially your big sister. Something about her makes you light up whenever she comes to sit by you, at least when she isn't trying to smother you with hugs and kisses.

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Maybe you know that every evening when she is going to bed, she asks that you be laid down beside her so she can kiss you goodnight. With your current schedule, you are typically crying for some food when this occurs, so I can't say for certain if it makes you happy or not.

You eat a lot, at least in your mom's opinion. I mean, you don't get to be your size right now without eating once in a while. She says that it sometimes feels like all she does during the day is feed you (which you need), talk to you so you smile at her (which she needs), and take a little break during your frequent short naps (which you both need). And poof, another day down.

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While it does seem like you eat a lot during the day, you just recently started to sleep through the night. One night last week you went for nine hours straight without waking up. Last night, your sister was in our room over 10 times while you slept all night long. Maybe you can give her some lessons at how to stay in bed.

I suppose it would help if we could wrap her up burrito style the way you enjoy. Your mom is getting pretty good at telling what is bothering you right now. The past weekend when you started to cry, I asked her what might be wrong and she said you were probably getting tired. I tried to bounce you to calm you down, and when that didn't work, I wrapped you up in your sleeping blanket. 5 seconds later and you were out.

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You like to be wrapped while sleeping, but when you're awake, you like to move. You kick your feet around, wave your arms, stick out your tongue, and just recently you've found that you have these wonderful things with you all the time that are perfect to nibble all the time. Those are called your hands. They are located at the ends of your arms, and I'm sure they'll come in useful for other things as you get older, but for right now, chewing is their number one function.

Don't think that just because you are immobile means that you are stuck at home all the time. Three days a week you drive over and help drop off your sister at daycare. Sometimes you go out shopping afterwards, and sometimes you come home for a snack. We get you out to the playground when it's nice. You don't seem to interested in the slides or climbing walls. You're more concerned if the wind is blowing in your face or the sun is shining in your eyes, but I imagine it will be all too soon that you will be trying to run after your sister.

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Just know that no matter how big you get and how much you try to run off and be independent, you'll always have two parents who love you very much and are very happy you've joined us.

We can probably work on not going through the diapers quite as fast though, right? You're back in the cloth diapers which means dad gets to make sure they're all clean every couple days and I'd appreciate it.

Love, Dad