Posting has been light, and that's mostly because, well, it turns out two kids are time consuming[1. I'd like to give a big welcome to Captain Obvious.] And so, I'll take you through a typical Monday. 12:00 midnight: I wake up to Rhiannon standing next to my side of the bed and extracting an awake Brooklynn from under my arm. I have no recollection of her ever coming in. I guess I was so tired that I either helped her up or allowed her to climb in without ever really waking up.

12:10: Brooklynn comes back in again. I take her back to bed.

12:20: The same.

12:27: The same.

12:35: The same.

12:48: The same.

1:00: The same[2. I said this was a typical day. This repeated coming in isn't typical this many times, but it seems like she's in our room at least a couple time each night.] She finally goes to sleep and I get some sleep.

2:00 - 3:00: Brooklynn is in another couple times during this hour.

5:07: The alarm goes off. Due to the fact that we didn't get to bed as early as we wanted to last night and the fact that Brooklynn was in multiple times during the night, I don't get up to do a quick work out like I intended, Instead, I hit snooze.

5:36: The second alarm goes off. I get up, get ready for work, put together lunch for Brooklynn, grab some lunch for myself, set the garbage out, and head out the door. The goal is to leave by six. This morning it's more like 6:12. Luckily, traffic isn't too bad early on a Monday.

6:30: Get to work. Rhiannon filled me in that shortly after I left, Maddison woke up, and shortly after that, Brooklynn was up.

7:00: Rhiannon finishes feeding Maddison, works on getting Brooklynn dressed, and says no to movie watching in the morning. We're going to have to get two kids out the door very early in the morning next fall when Rhiannon goes back to work. I am not looking forward to this.

8:00: They leave for school. Brooklynn is going three days each week right now. Since I am going to work early in the morning, this means it's up to Rhiannon to get her over in the morning.

4:00pm: I leave from work. Monday is tumble bus day and Brooklynn stays a little later at school, so I do errands. I stop at the library to drop off books that are due, stop at a grocery store to pick of a few perishable items for the week, and stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up some things with a coupon for Rhiannon.

4:45: Pick up Brooklynn and drive the 13 miles back to our house.

5:15: Get home. Supper is leftovers, which is good, because we're both tired and neither of us feel like cooking.

6:00: Finish supper, talk Brooklynn into heading out the playground because it's a wonderful evening outside. I clean out most of the cloth diapers and get them in the wash because at this point, we only have two left.

6:10: Head to the playground. Maddison is sleeping.

7:00: Get back from the playground. Rhiannon waters a little while I feed Maddison a little bottle. (She started crying on the walk back.)

7:30: I do a little project to reinforce our deck railing due to the weight of the planter boxes we hung up there last year. This has been on the to do list for a little while. The list is adding items to the end faster than we can check them off the beginning.

8:00: Get Brooklynn in the bath while Rhiannon feeds Maddison some more. Tonight's game is lining up the ducks and turtles according to color and knocking them back in to the water.

8:20: Get Brooklynn out of the bath to do her hair and watch a little bit of a movie before bed. I take Maddison and get her in the bath while Rhiannon deals with Brooklynn.

8:40: Brooklynn gets in bed, hopefully to stay there for the night.

9:00: I should probably do some more food prep for tomorrow, but honestly, we just want to watch a 20 minutes TV show to relax for a little bit before bed while Maddison finishes eating.

9:20: We are 10 minutes into the show due to Maddison falling asleep, waking up, burping, sleeping, and not eating like we'd like.

9:40: Take Maddison up to bed. At least she typically goes to sleep pretty easily in the evenings.

10:00: We get to bed ourselves. My early alarm will be going off in about 7 hours. I'd really like to be getting close to 8 hours of sleep each night. Somehow, the math just never works out.

Brooklynn was only up three times total during the night, but for whatever reason, interrupted sleep, even if it's only for a few minutes, is never as good as sleeping straight through the night.

That's our day. Rinse and repeat as necessary. The whole chunk that isn't detailed while I'm busy at work? Rhiannon deals with either one or two kids at home while trying to work out, clean a little, and do some craft projects she's working on. Comparatively, my day job is pretty easy.