so much trouble

Brooklynn has been a little sick with a spring cold over the past couple weeks. She's also been a little temperamental as a result, so there are times[1. Like when she's tired at the end of the day.] that we tread lightly and try to use fun reasoning to get her to do what we want rather than straight commands. Right now, one of the easiest ways to convince her of something is to remind her that Mason[2. Mason is her friend that she stayed with when Maddison was born.] might not like it if she doesn't cooperate.

I'll give a couple examples:

-Brooklynn, do you want to take a bath? No? Well, will Mason like it if you smell bad? (And in she goes.)

-Brooklynn, we need to clip your nails. Will Mason like it if they are long and scratchy?

And now she's even coming up with her own statements...

-Looking in the mirror after having pony tails put in: Mason will like my hair.

-Putting on lotion: Mason will like it if I smell good.

So, she's very concerned about what Mason thinks. And she always wants to go play at his house. It boils down to the fact that our two year old has a boyfriend and is very concerned with making sure he's happy with her.

Crap. We are in so much trouble.

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