working on the slip

In project management, when you fail to meet an intended schedule, it's usually called a slip. When you anticipate some delays coming and adjust the schedule accordingly to reflect your new anticipated dates, it's called a slide. When you slip on your slide, it's almost never a good thing.

We understand that dealing with two kids makes it harder to get everyone through everything they need to do. Between dinner, feeding, playing outside, bath time, and stories, we don't expect to have Brooklynn in bed by 7 pm every night.

It's 8:23 as I write this and she just went to sleep. We are just one big house full of slip 'n slide right now.

Still, there are good moments. Brooklynn has a small teddy bear and giraffe that she currently keeps with her in bed through the night. Even in the middle of the night when she gets up and needs to be tucked back in, we need to account for the whereabouts of the two animals.

Tonight, she laid out a small baby doll blanket on her bed, saying she wanted to cover up her animals. She's done this before, but tonight was the first time we've ever witnessed her laying the blanket out right where she would eventually need to lie down herself. We tried to explain that maybe she should move the blanket over to give herself a little room, but she would not hear it.

Blanket, two animals and she wrapped up both sides. She swaddled her animals just like she has been watching us swaddle Maddison for the past 6 days.

Even if her project managers are still working on getting the schedule together, Brooklynn is doing a great job being a big sister.