Lest you think we already had Artoo and neglected to tell anyone, I'm here to say we haven't For those of you keeping score at home, we are at maximum 2 days out from D-day[1. Where by 'D' I mean delivery.]. Yes, Rhiannon is still a day away from officially being 39 weeks along, but at every checkup over the past 4 weeks she has measured advanced. Artoo has apparently decided to be an overachiever like her big sister. That, or Rhiannon is just really good at incubating largish babies.

Either way, both the OB specialist as well as the family doctor we have agree that there is no sense in delaying the inevitable, especially when the delay just means a bigger than necessary baby. At the appointment last Thursday, our doctor looked at her calendar and said how about we go get her next week.

To which we replied, 'Certainly'. And then we went through the official sounding 'I have to tell you about potential risks' speech of the induction procedure. Yes, there are additional risks. We've done it once and Rhiannon is more than ready to be not pregnant anymore, so we're going with the suggestion of the doctors and requesting an audience sooner than later.

All the doctors have agreed that it would be nice if Rhiannon would spontaneously go in to labor and have Artoo completely naturally. We think it would be nice too, but Rhiannon doesn't think it's going to happen. So, we prepared last weekend like it could be any day with the thought in the back of our mind that we still have a week to finish things up.

We dropped off a car seat and an overnight bag with the friends that Brooklynn will stay with. We set up the pack-n-play in our room that Artoo will sleep in right away when we come home. We even went so far as to put the baby car seat in Rhiannon's car. Brooklynn is a little upset that she can't easily reach baby sister's seat. She has requested that it be moved to the middle of the car right next to her so she can help with the baby.

Not going to happen, but it's a nice thought.

The biggest thing we are seeing is Brooklynn showing a little regression. She wanted to lay in the crib and be like a baby. She wanted me to cry so she could put a pacifier in my mouth like a baby. She wants to wrap up in blankets like a baby. I guess this is typical behavior. We've been stressing how fun and helpful it is to be a big girl, so hopefully that behavior wins out in the end.

Ready or not, we're going to be a family of four sooner than later. Stay tuned.