taking notice

People who see Rhiannon are starting to wonder when Artoo is going to come. Things she has heard recently (and relayed to me): "You're going to have a boy. I can tell by the way you're carrying."[1. This would be quite the shock to us at this point.]

"Have you had an ultrasound recently? Are you sure that's a baby in there? I think it's more like one of those things from the Alien movies."

"Hey, I've been looking for my basketball everywhere. When are you going to give it back?"[2. From the gym teacher.]

"You're all baby. It's as big as you are!"

"You know, from behind, you don't even really look pregnant. And then you turn around and it's like 'Holy cow, where did that come from?'!"[3. This is a quote from me.]

"Brooklynn, I'm going to carry you out to the car today, because your mom can't lift you anymore."[4. Brooklynn's daycare teacher.]

"Mommy doesn't have a lap anymore. It's baby sister."[5. Brooklynn...]

Unless something very drastic happens in the next four hours, we're going to have ourselves a March baby. In the opinion of everyone around, for Rhiannon's sake, we hope it isn't halfway through March before Artoo joins us.