a peek inside

Rhiannon may not be pleased about Artoo being a little on the larger side of average, but one benefit of the whole situation is that we got one more ultrasound that otherwise wasn't scheduled. She's the right direction, head down and all, which Rhiannon already knew from the placement of punches, kicks, and the occasional protruding butt. For a while, she was very uncooperative with one hand draped over her face, making it impossible to get a good 3D picture. Just as the ultrasound tech was about to give up, Artoo shifted a little and gave us a good look at her.

At 20 weeks, you can see the entire baby in profile on the ultrasound screen. At first, that's what I was looking for again, and I was very confused. When I realized the the profile that used to be head, torso and arms was now just a face, everything made much more sense. She looks like a baby, chubby cheeks and all[1. I suppose this is a good thing, right?].

Tiny Hand

Resting Peacefully