not too big, yet

We are in the home stretch of waiting for Artoo’s arrival in our household[1. Just assume for purposes of this post, when I say "we", I mean both of us, but really I mean Rhiannon.], so the lists of things-to-do are getting a little more focused and urgent. We need a bag for ourselves to be in the hospital and bag for Brooklynn to have her first sleepover at a friend’s house. Tomorrow will be 37 weeks. Officially full term and all, meaning baby any time. Past 36 weeks, the doctor appointments become weekly which, again, affects Rhiannon a little bit more than me. I did go last week Friday, seeing as how it provides a really good excuse for me to get out of work a little early. I mean, I was there to entertain Brooklynn if needed.

Part of these appointments is measuring the baby. With a tape measure. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but it involves finding the size by measuring the distance over the belly, so I guess that converts to a volume. However it’s done, at the 36 weeks appointment, our doctor took the measurement, looked at the tape measure, and said, “Hmm.”

Hmm, right? Not what you want your doctor to say. On a scale of “Things you don’t want to hear the doctor say” from “We did everything we could” to “Healthy as a horse”, hmmm is somewhere a little below halfway. Not as a good as an unenthusiastic “Ok”, but not immediately negative.

She took the measurement again. Calendar says 36 weeks. Tape says 40. Brooklynn was an ounce past 8 and half pounds. Rhiannon was not impressed by that pronouncement.

We had an ultrasound scheduled to find out just how big this “little” baby is.

Results are that Artoo is somewhere around 7 to 7.5 pounds, just a couple days ahead of schedule, and amniotic fluid amounts are on the high side of normal. In all, it boils down to the fact that Rhiannon feels like she's carrying around a full-term, full-sized baby, which she is.

The OB we talked to recommended that Rhiannon think about being induced at 39 weeks if Artoo hasn't willingly come out yet. Apparently 39 is some sort of magic number for delivering a child. After 36 weeks, they won't stop labor, but at 39, they can really do whatever they want to with no good reason at all.

Brooklynn was big and was delivered, so, according to the medical community, she has a 'proven pelvis'[2. Really medical community? Proven pelvis is the best you can do? Couldn't think up a better, more medical sounding term for it?] for delivering large babies. Thus, no reason to go in after Artoo any earlier than 39.

And so we wait. Rhiannon is working on scheduling her last teaching days if it comes to that and realizing that last time she was this far along into a pregnancy, she was on summer break. Still stuff to do, but waiting is a big item on the list.