good first try

Brooklynn has a new room under construction. This past weekend, she took naps in it both days. There are no blinds on the window, and with the snow that's still hanging around in the backyard, it was pretty bright in there. No matter - several hours of combined napping later, we figured she was pretty ready to make the switch at some point. So, painting is complete, the bed is put together, and sheets and pillows are in place. After her bath, she requested to sleep in her new room. We said sure.

Story Reader

She sat on her new bed, read herself a story, and let us tuck her in. Along with a new room, she's also making the switch to real covers rather than the small blankets that she's used in her toddler bed. So, we tucked her in, turned off the light, and shut the door. Again, quite light in the room with no curtains, but we didn't have a night light, so that might be ok.

She opened the door a few minutes later and Rhiannon led her back to bed. A few minutes and the door opened again - my turn.

"I wan't to sleep in my other room in my big girl bed."

She walked back over, I brought her humidifier back, and she climbed in her old bed. Good effort, Brooklynn. She's still excited about it, but it might take a little while. Still, the excited part is what counts.

Under the Flower