bracing for impact

Rhiannon and I have been getting our weather news through our phones, namely the built in weather application, which looks like this: Weather

It provides us a general snapshot of the forecasted trends and gives us an idea of what kind of outfit to get Brooklynn into for the day. If we really want to get granular, we do this[1. If we want to depress ourselves, we just look at the weather for Honolulu.]:

Hourly Weather

Hourly, up to the next 12 hours. So, we don't hear about the NEXT BIG STORM!!! that the news channel meteorologists love to get worked up about. We just get a calm forecast with chance of precipitation[1. Notice the 100% chance of snow peaking in there at 8pm tonight.]

We don't always know what the systems will bring more than a day or two out. Things are pretty fluid in weather, so I don't make plans more than a day ahead of time anyway.

It does seem that if something big is going to happen, we hear about from other people. This is kind of my default filter for news - if it's important enough, someone will tell me about it. So, I've been getting emails from work and our daycare and people in the office are talking about the NEXT BIG STORM!!!

The prediction[1. Yes, I did go and look at the news channel meteorologist forecast for this.] is 10-18 inches over the next 24 hours. Yesterday, it was 6-10. This morning, 7-12. Now, they think the metro will get over a foot. It hasn't actually started snowing yet, but maybe when it finally does, forecasts will be even higher[1. I will offer a 100% guaranteed prediction that in the next three days we will get between 0 and 4 feet of snow.].

That's a lot of snow for us. We missed the last big storm over Christmas, so part of me is kind of hoping we get it. Part of me is also hoping we don't, because if I'm at work during the storm, it means I get to shovel when I get home. We have a sloped driveway, and at 34 weeks pregnant, there is no way I'll agree to Rhiannon going outside to do any sort of snow removal.

If you don't hear from us, I guess it means the snow broker our internets.

That, or I'm just not posting anything new, like normal.