getting creative

We went out for dinner with some of Rhiannon’s coworkers on Saturday night, meaning we had an adult night out with no small-people tag-alongs[1. Other than the one that Rhiannon insists on bringing everywhere with her. Let go already, right?]. When we got home, our babysitter asked us if we had taken any vacations recently. We haven’t, but apparently Brooklynn told a rather elaborate story of how she and her grandpa flew on a plane to watch a basketball game. When we left for dinner that evening, Brooklynn was drawing wavy lines and small squiggles on her white board and telling everyone it was sea turtles swimming in the ocean.

Yesterday, she decided that she was a train like Thomas the Tank-Engine. She called herself Thomas and said we should too. When asked directly where Brooklynn was, she would point to herself and say, “Right here!” while looking at us with an expression that seemed to indicate she worried about our sanity. I mean, where else would she be when she’s right in front of us? Silly mommy and daddy.

But other than that, only Thomas would respond to any sort of requests.

She also likes when her stuffed animals carry objects, talk, and dance. Yesterday, I got kicked off a stool at her table to make room for teddy. Apparently it was his seat first.

We have confirmed imagination happening in our house. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before we have full-fledged tea parties and princess sightings[2. Rhiannon is very excited.].