focus on the positive

Everyone in our house has been sick to some extent over the past week. Brooklynn is on antibiotics for her first ever ear infection. I stayed home on Wednesday with her because she was running a fever and doctor suggested a day at home to rest would be good for her. Of course, the day she could sleep in was also the day she woke up at 5:50 in the morning. So we said goodbye to Mommy, had some medicine, some crispys (Rice Krispies), and watched a couple rounds of Horton Hears a Who.

Along with being sick, Brooklynn has been pretty horrible in the mornings for the past three weeks. Over half of the days it feels like she spends most of the time crying because she doesn’t want to go to school or telling us she doesn’t want to get dressed, and no she doesn’t want to wear that. No, she doesn’t want to eat that right now, and no, we can’t put on a coat or shoes or cooperate in any way.

To be honest, it’s a crappy way to start a morning. I can’t wait until we’re trying to get two children ready each morning.

I mentioned that I stayed home with Brooklynn a couple days ago, and we spent some of our time on the couch watching movies.

After taking a mid-morning potty break, before we restarted the movie, she told me to lie down and she sat on my chest. She reached out her hand and gently touched the tip of my nose with her fingertips before quickly jerking her arm back to her chest.

“I got your nose, Daddy!”

Again, reaching her hand out to my face, “It’s ok, Daddy, I give it back. Now, you get mine.”

So we played, taking turn at getting each other’s noses and eyes, and ears and lips. As I gave her second ear back for a second time (because you can’t take just one ear and not the other), her eyes finally started to betray how tired she was really getting.

“Ok, all done.” She laid down nestling her head underneath my chin and curling her body up on my torso. We grabbed a blanket to cover up with and she reached a hand up and felt my face again.

“Daddy, you happy?” she asked me, raising her head to look at me from 6 inches away.

“Yes, Brooklynn, I’m happy. Are you happy too?”

“Yep.” She laid her head back down. “Let’s watch Horton now.”

This morning was a bad morning. I had to physically force a small screaming child into a car seat. So every time that I ask why myself doing this again seemed like a good idea, I also think of times like that morning, cuddling on the couch.

We get to do this again. That’s the focus. We’re looking forward to having you, Artoo.