oh, christmas... (that's it)

This is the first Christmas season that Brooklynn has really understood enough to be an active participant in. Last year, we decorated the tree while she was asleep and hoped that she wouldn't get interested enough in it to pull the ornaments down. It was a successful and uneventful plan. This year, however, has been a different story. We put the tree up while she was sleeping again, but we didn't completely decorate it in her absence. We started while she was napping, but she woke up just a few minutes in to the process. After a quick debate, we decided to continue decorating. We have plastic bulbs for a reason after all.

She helped to hang some of the ones on the low branches and did a good job handing some to me to put up high on the tree. She was also around when we redid the mantle and she came outside to watch me put lights on the house.

She had a Christmas concert at school (she still likes to sing Frosty the Snowman) and Rhiannon just finished a round of holiday baking and treat making. I don't know if Brooklynn has linked all of these things together as one big seasonal item yet, but I imagine she will soon enough. As of right now, she just knows we have some decorations up and everything is Christmas!

Really. It's Christmas.

Her, turning on the lights for the Christmas tree: "I turned on Christmas!"

Her, pointing to the stocking holder Santa Claus on the mantle: "It's Christmas. Hi, Christmas!"

Her, talking to her mom's stomach: "Come out, baby. It's Christmas!"

Ok, that last one actually works, but you get the idea. I guess as long as she enjoys herself, that's really what matters.

For you, a picture of our Christmas. (tree)

2011 Christmas Tree