project family v3.5r2.26

Is that a little over the top for a title? I've settled on it for a way of tracking where we are. The main revision got a bump up to 3.5 when we officially learned Rhiannon was pregnant. This is major update and deserves it's own point.

It's Artoo (r2) this time around versus the Beta (b) we had before Brooklynn officially launched. And the .26 at the end means 26 weeks. It all makes perfect sense.

What's that, you don't care about my numbering scheme? You just want the photo update already? Well, fine.

Week 26

Looking back over the past couple months of posts and then looking back at the posts that lead up to Brooklynn's launch date, I've talked a lot less about Artoo. That probably isn't fair. Artoo will never have the benefit of being an only child with the full attention of both parents all the time. I guess I figured I'd just start the ignoring process early.

Now, Artoo isn't someone who is taking this whole ignoring lying down. Rhiannon informs me that she feels kicks, jabs, roundhouses, and full on disco-party mode several times a day, every day. In the evening when we are settling down for some sleep in the evening, I can usually put my hand on her stomach and get a good kick or elbow, as if Artoo is saying, "Hey, hands off my mama!"

Artoo is already standing up to Brooklynn. When she sits on Rhiannon's lap and leans back (Artoo makes a great back rest for a toddler), Rhiannon says that Artoo will vigorously thrash about like someone is encroaching, which I suppose Brooklynn is. So far, Brooklynn hasn't seemed to notice. She just likes to say high to the baby and kiss Rhiannon's stomach. She's also suggested that we call the new addition "Baby ABC".

We're keeping that under advisement and sticking with Artoo for now.

So, everything is going well. No news from us is good news. I'm sure that the new baby will demand split attention and probably trump Brooklynn for now, so we'll ignore Artoo a little bit longer while we still can.