oh my goodness

The title of this post is the most recent commonly heard phrase around our house. "Oh my goodness, it dark outside."

"Oh my goodness, the sun come up."

"I dropped it, oh my goodness."

When told that Mom wasn't home yet: "Oh my goodness, I miss her."

"I lose it, oh my goodness."

"Oh my goodness, I fall down."

As of right now, the only phrase in close competition is some variation of "What's that?", only pronounce more like Wazzat, or What Dis.

Driving in the car, every building - Wazzat?

Looking through magazines and catalogs, pointing at almost every picture - What Dis?

Last week, Brooklynn pointed at a Walgreens. "Wazzat?"

"That's a pharmacy."


"Yep. It's like a drug store where people get medicine."

"No. No drug store! It's fa-ma-see."

Ok. I will consider my first answer more carefully in the future. I've been waiting for the time when Brooklynn becomes more expressive and inquisitive. Now that it's here, I'm not so sure.