trick or treat

This year was the first time for Brooklynn that Halloween has been on a weekday, which also meant that we didn't sit around all afternoon waiting for the right time to go trick or treating. In fact, by the time we got home from work/school and made supper, we already had one group of kids at our door. We got Brooklynn's costume on and headed out ourselves. Front Steps

Last year, Brooklynn could only say a few words, and so most our trick or treating experience was us ringing the doorbell for her and trying to get her to stay up on the steps by the door long enough for someone to come and answer it. This year, we rehearsed at home before we went out.

"Ok, what do you say when they open the door? Trick or treat, right?"


"Ok, then, when they give you candy, what do you say?"

"Thank you."

Great, we're ready. First house. Brooklynn loves to ring doorbells, so that part was easy. We went directly next door to the neighbor's house that she's been in. We figured starting somewhere familiar would be helpful. Right after she rang the doorbell, Rhiannon asks her if she remembers what to say. Confidently, "Trick or Treat!" Perfect, we're all set.

They answer the door. "Dylan[1. Dylan is the neighbor girl Brooklynn likes to play with.] home?" Yes, she's home. Ok, now what do you say? "Me go inside?" Nope, remember why we're here? And why you have your treat bucket? "Duncan[1. Duncan is the neighbor's dog.] here?"

Yes, Brooklynn, Dylan's home, Duncan's home. Now, why are you in costume? What do you say? "Hi!"

Brooklynn, just say trick or treat, please. And she whispers quietly while burying her face in Rhiannon's legs, "trick or treat..."

Saying thank you went much better, but that was pretty much the M.O. for the remainder of the evening. Very fun to ring doorbells, Trick or Treating before the door was opened, and instantly turning shy when people opened the door.

Heading out for Candy

As much fun as it was to get candy, she was just as interested in the other kids that were out. Little kids, big kids, all fascinating. She had no use for kids dressed up with scary masks. Didn't like them. Didn't want to get close to them.

And then we got to round two of the evening. We went home and got to hand out candy to other kids. Our doorbell would ring and Brooklynn would go running for the door. "Kids here!" Again, as long as the masks weren't scary, she was the one to hand out candy.

And yes, she got to eat some too. Next year, we'll have another non-talking, non-walking addition to the family, and Brooklynn might understand the concept of Halloween a little better. And eventually, she'll want to decide what to dress up as. So far she's been a Tootsie Roll, a lady bug, and a unicorn. The last two are some of Rhiannon's favorite things. Who knows, maybe someday she'll be one of the kids behind the scary mask.

For now, we'll be content with the little kid who just wants a couple pieces of candy and some time to unwrap it herself.

Then again, who really needs to unwrap it first?

To the Victor...