wonders of the world

This past weekend, we visited some friends out in Oakland, California. It was our first time in that area and the first time we've vacationed with Brooklynn. Up to this point in her life, she has lived in a world of the midwestern plains with very infrequent trips to the nearby mountains sprinkled in. So, of course we added in tons of kid-centered activities, right? Of course we did. Things such as

  • Wine tasting
  • Driving tours of the Bay Area
  • Sitting in adult type restaurants
  • Keeping her up late well past her bedtime

And to be honest, she did really well, considering the fact that she's two.

While we were busy wine tasting and driving around Napa Valley, Brooklynn found activities like putting fallen leaves in a fountain and watching them float and "going to work" by carrying Rhiannon's purse up and down some stairs[1. Rhiannon, who was our default designated driver, also got the job as de facto baby-sitter due to her not participating in the drinking of wine. Thanks, honey.]

When we drove around San Francisco, Brooklynn got it in to her head that she wanted to go swimming in the water she saw. And when we stopped at the beach, it was cold, sandy, and dirty. She wanted nothing to do with the water.

When we stopped to look at the Golden Gate Bridge, she occupied herself searching for bugs in the grass and mud.

And when we walked more than a few blocks from our restaurant to Ghiradelli Square for some dessert, she marched right along with us. Her biggest concern was not that we were traveling on foot across a strange city after dark. Rather, it was the fact that at certain places, she had three shadows from the various street lights. Three! More than one! Which one of them should she choose to walk on and what direction should she go?!?!

She participated in the chocolate and ice cream at the end of walk. See, we did do something she would enjoy.

At the Denver airport, she rode on a bus and train and an airplane. She saw the ocean and stood on the beach. And she won't remember any of it.

The joys of being little.

Looking Out Over the City