go, sarah!

Last weekend, we drove up to South Dakota to watch Sarah run in a cross country race. For anyone who has not personally attended one of these, they are typically on a golf course with the finish near the start line. Spectators can cut across the middle of the loop (in this case, two loops) and watch the runners go by a couple times. Start, cheer, watch the runners go. You run or walk quickly to the next place and wait for them to come by.

Wait, cheer, watch, walk. Rinse, repeat.

Brooklynn was very excited to see Sarah and a little confused as to why we weren't going with her. Sarah was running away and we should go find her!

So, to pass the time until she came back around, we helped Brooklynn learn how to cheer. The best (or worst) part of this - right after stopped recording, she started yelling, "Go Sarah!" as loud as she could all by herself.