why does she know these words

Rockstar Series Yes, her hair is getting out of control, but it gives her the ability to express her attitude by pushing it back out her face and sighing, as if to wonder to the universe why she has to put up with her parents and their constant questioning of the state of her bladder. Kind of like having a mini-teenager in the house who questions every decision you make.

Last night, after I asked her if she needed to use the potty[1. And she rarely does. If she needs to go, she'll tell you. It's working out for the most part, so we don't push her about it.], she told me, "Daddy, no be roo!"


"No roo, Daddy! No be bauzzee!"

And she turned and stomped off.

I asked her, "Don't be rude and bossy?"

Yep, no rude, no bossy. She must have picked that up at school. Now, the question is did she overhear it, or was it directed specifically at her. As much as I would like to believe it's the former, well, see the above paragraph about living with a mini-teenager.