'lo artoo

Rhiannon is fine with calling the new baby Artoo, but she is a little worried that if we use that name for the entire pregnancy, Brooklynn will think the actual baby is named Artoo and it might be hard for her to transition to a new name. Personally, I don't see it being an issue, but at the same time, Brooklynn is starting to pick up new words and ideas pretty quickly. Last night, while she was sitting in the bath, Rhiannon walked in and we were discussing how Artoo is almost starting to proceed her into a room. I made the comment that we don't discuss the new baby nearly as much this time with Brooklynn as we did the first time around when everything was very baby centered. I recently read that a baby at 14 weeks or older can already hear, so I leaned over and said, "Hello, Artoo!" to Rhiannon's stomach.

She expressed her concerns about calling the baby Artoo around Brooklynn and I started to reply that I didn't think Brooklynn would really catch on unless we started to specifically tell her that the baby was named Artoo.

And then from the bath, we hear "Hello Artoo. Hello Artoo, 'lo Artoo, 'lo Artoo..." and look over to see Brooklynn poking her own stomach.

Point taken.