new boots

I'm finally getting back through some of the older pictures that I haven't posted yet. I'm only two months behind at this point with three outstanding books to create. I figure that I have a relatively hard deadline next March or so. If I'm not current with Brooklynn at that point, I have very little chance of making up ground once Artoo comes to visit. Rain in the Gutter Series

Since before Brooklynn was old enough to walk, she has been interested in shoes. Especially Rhiannon's shoes. Heels, sandals, flats, you name it. If it was laying on the floor, she has attempted to put it on and walk around. When we cleaned out her closet of the winter clothes that were out of season and too small, her snow boots got included in the sweep. Of course, she saw them and wanted to wear them.

We explained that they didn't fit her anymore, but really - that has very little meaning to a two year old. For the next week, she continued to request boots whenever we would put any type of footwear on her. Finally, at Target, Rhiannon found a pair of rain boots for her.

Another week later, it even rained.

Rain in the Gutter Series

She was just a little excited to have a reason to run around in her new boots. And contrary to what these pictures may indicate, she does open her eyes when she runs.

I think...