viva la resistance

Rhiannon has been back at work for about six weeks. As much as we would love to ensure a smooth morning each and every day, much of that hinges on the whims of a person who still incorrectly conjugates the past tense of verbs the majority of the time. Grammar issues aside, successfully getting a two-year old up, dressed, fed and out the door in around 20 minutes requires one part song, one part dance, and a whole lot of crossed fingers. Over the past two weeks, one of our biggest struggles has been getting her out of her pajamas and pullups and into underwear and an outfit for the day. Given the choice, she would have selected pajamas 24/7.

When we saw that today was pajama day at school, we figured that it should be an easy morning. We just picked up some new toddler-sized footie pajamas[1. Which she tried on and loved over the weekend.], and since today is forecast for highs in the 60s, it seemed to be a perfect day for them.

Recently, I've come up with the solution of the quick attack to get dressed in the morning. I go in, and as part of waking her up, I slip off the pajamas and put on her day's outfit. By the time she is ready to be picked up for her morning hug and is really aware of what's going on, she's dressed.

I'm basically a ninja at this point.

On Monday night, Brooklynn decided that she wanted nothing to do with pajamas in the evenings, and for the past two nights she has slept in just her pullups. Even easier to deal with, right?

This morning I walked in, switched the pullups for underwear, and started to put on her footie pajamas. The thing about a full-body outfits: they don't quickly slip on. I had to sit her up to get the pajamas onto her arms which gave her a chance to open her eyes and assess the situation.

"No jammies. No jammies! NO WANT IT!"

We ate yogurt for breakfast wearing underwear only this morning[2. Be we, I mean her.]

I don't know if it's her tone or the fact that she deals with kids on a daily basis, but Rhiannon is much better at convincing Brooklynn to do things than I am. I like to deal with reason and logic. A well presented argument presented with irrefutable evidence should be enough to convince anyone that my position is the correct one.

As far as Brooklynn is concerned, reason and logic may as well be unicorns and fairy dust that makes you fly for how much she considers their validity.

But, if you talk about how the pigs on the pajamas want a drink of water and we can only give them water with the pajamas on... And my ninja card was just handed over to Rhiannon.

So Brooklynn, who last week did everything in her power to stay in her pajamas as long as possible, now has to be sweet talked into wearing them to school for a day. Everything changes daily and stays the same all the time.

As everyone who has had kids before is probably saying at this point, welcome to having a two year old.

And yes, we did decide to do it all again.