project family 4.0r2-13

Welcome to Project Family, version 4.0, Artoo edition. We are just a little past week 13, and we have an update. Artoo - 13 Weeks 3

Heart rate, 150. Measures just a little older than we think, but with an error of plus/minus 8 days, who knows. Rhiannon would like it if Artoo could be a little bit smaller than Beta turned out.

Brooklynn was really excited to see and hear the baby, especially at the end when the ultrasound showed a little movement going on. In her opinion, the baby was dancing. She thinks she's ready to have the baby at home. Little does she know the changes that are in store for her as she loses her only-child status.

Rhiannon also told me that the last Artoo post might have indicated he[1. No, we don't know anything for sure yet. But saying Artoo over and over gets old. Pronouns are the win.] was not planned. This is not the case. Very much planned and, in fact, about the timing we were hoping for. Rhiannon can take off for maternity leave next spring and carry on through the summer with only a little time off unpaid. At least that's the goal.