she loves it

On Sunday, we were driving in the car around 4:30pm and mentioned that pizza sounded good and quick for dinner. We asked the final decision maker in the back seat what her opinion was. “Brooklynn, do you want pizza?”

“Pizza. I love it! I love pizza! I looove it.”

Ok, so she’s a fan of pizza. But we’ve never heard her actually use the phrase before.

“You love pizza?”

“Yes. Pizza. I love it.”

“Do you want to have it for supper?”

“No! I love it! Pizza!”

When we can’t understand exactly what Brooklynn is saying, we will often repeat her words back to her, just to confirm we understand. So when we continued to ask if she wanted it for supper or to eat it, she thought that we were misunderstanding what she was trying to say.

And she continued to be very adamant that she loves pizza. We did pick some up that evening. She ate every bite we gave her.

She loved it.