of hiders and seekers

Our house has a butler’s pantry just inside the door from the garage. It’s basically an island counter with walls on either end – the kind of place that seems perfect for a nice place to set keys and purses on when you come home and then everything else gets piles there as well and it quickly devolves into a disaster area. Shoes gather around the bottom, every receipt and piece of junk mail accumulates, and we have to take an hour every once in while just to go through everything. Regardless of the state of clutter that accumulates, this has always been one of Brooklynn’s favorite spots in the house. Ever since she started walking, we have played the game where we run around to one side of the wall and she follows behind to “find us”. Sometimes she will round a corner expecting to see me only to find I’ve stealthily moved on[1. In all honesty, stealthily moving away from a two year old really doesn’t require that much stealth.], and sometimes she will round a corner and unexpectedly find me waiting for her. Either way, it’s great fun.

Recently, we’ve expanded this game to a new one: “Get Me!”. This is where she runs away and we chase her until we get her. Since we have finding and getting, the natural progression is to play hide-and-go-seek.

Brooklynn loves to hide and be found. She will go in the linen closet and call out find me to one of us when we are standing right outside the door. We open the door, yell, “Found you!”, she giggles a little maniacly, says, “Again!”, and slams the door shut. This process will repeat itself pretty much indefinitely until the finder tells her we’re done playing.

We’ve been working on choosing different hiding spots and moving around. She plays this version of the game when one of us hides with her. Some of her favorite spots include sitting behind the guest bed and hiding under the formal dining room table. Since the game has expanded, the finder announces where they are looking to keep her interested and entertained.

Brooklynn doesn’t quite grasp the concept of sneaky yet[2. She considers against a wall with a towel over her head and her feet sticking out “hidden”.], so it is pretty easy to ascertain her location via auditory clues.

“Is Brooklynn hiding in the bathroom?”

Small voice from under the table: “Noooo.”

Other hiding parental unit: “Brooklynn, shh, we’re hiding. Remember?”

“Is Brooklynn hiding by the piano?”



“Is Brooklynn hiding by the plants?”



“Is Brooklynn hiding under the table?!”

“Yes! Find me. Again!”

And most of the time, she wants to stay hidden right where she is.