work on completion

From a young age, a lot of us are told to keep at something until we finish without stoping in the middle. Maybe it doesn't apply to every situation you may encounter, but for many things, it's good advice to follow. I'm not going to name any specific names here[1. You can draw your own conclusions as to who the "members" are.], but one member of our household has a potty in the living room. And one member of the household poops on said potty from time to time. And, one member of the household likes to look at what is in the potty.

Now, if you stand up from pooping without finishing, sometimes poop ends up on the floor. And on your foot. And back on the floor from where you took steps with poop on your floor.

And then another member of the household gets to pick poop up off the floor and scrub the carpet. And the offending member? Well, the offending member gets a sticker.

Like I said: finish what you started. Good advice.