start rolling

There are a few boys in our neighborhood who ride scooters around in the evenings. Some of them just ride around the sidewalks around their houses and we see some of them coasting down the bigger hills and walking back up, just to do it again. At first, I thought it was kind of weird that they would ride down and walk up, over and over, but then I remembered sledding. And skiing. Say no more. Brooklynn watches anything an older kid does with great interest. When she sees these kids out riding, she gets pretty excited. She holds her hands out in front of her, lifts one leg up and down, and yells one word over and over. I thought that word was "Stroller", meaning "I want to get in my stroller and have you push me over to where those boys are riding their scooters", but I was at a loss to explain her actions. The only think I could think of was that she was kickstarting a moped, but that didn't make any since since she's never seen anyone ride a moped[1. That I know of. Maybe Rhiannon doesn't tell me everything they do in the summer days].

Rhiannon figured out that she was really saying scooter and that her actions were pantomiming holding the handles of a scooter and pushing with one foot. And that's actually exactly what it looks like [1. In my defense, even though her actions really do fit riding a scooter, they could just as easily be a dead ringer for starting a moped. Just saying...]. It seems that somewhere, she learned what a scooter was and wants one of her very own.

I think we're might be going shopping this weekend. What happened to our little girl?