I mentioned in the last monthly letter that Brooklynn had transitioned from her crib into a toddler bed, which is just the same crib without the side on it. And it went great. She was excited to show people her new bed and she was excited to get in all by herself. After her bedtime story at night she would walk over to her bed, climb up, settle in, and wait for her kisses goodnight. For naps, there were times she would go up and lay down on her own and there were times when she would get up once and we would have to put her back in bed, but that was the worst of the transition. For a week, she did great.

Then the thunder happened right at bedtime one night. Brooklynn is very concerned about thunder. It’s loud. Really, she’s very concerned about any loud noises. Loud trucks, loud dogs, loud planes. We hear about all of them. “Truck, loud!”

Yes, she typically places her adjectives after her nouns. Rhiannon and I think that she’s just ready to learn one of the romance languages without having to relearn word order. Yes, it’s probably going to hurt her grade in English class, but isn’t pre-emptive bilingualism worth it?

So, thunder at bedtime. She was asleep. Soundly. Thunder loud enough to physically shake the house will do that to a two year-old. She got out of bed, opened her door, saw me sitting at the computer, and closed it again. She knew wasn't supposed to be up, but "Thunder!" Rhiannon ended up laying down with her in our bed to get her back to sleep that evening. The next night, no thunder, but we went through the same thing. Up, see me, close door. Open door, close door. Cry. Get put back in bed. Open door, close door, cry. Get put back in bed. I would keep writing it over and over, but I don't think anyone would actually finish the post at that point.

Rhiannon finally sat on the ottoman in Brooklynn's room until she fell asleep, at which point, we figured it was just a hiccup from the storm the night before and we would soon be back to normal.

1 am, we had a toddler pounding on our door. 4am, she was finally asleep. The worst part was that it seemed like she wanted to play and run around the entire time. She was in our bed. She was in her own bed. She was sitting in a chair with me. She was back in her bed. Nothing mattered and nothing could get her to stay in bed. At about 3:30, we put the side of the crib back on and let her cry it out until she went to sleep.

The next afternoon, we took the side back off. Naptime came, and this was a small kid who had a severe lack of sleep the night before. She wouldn't stay in bed even though she was clearly tired. We were getting ready for her birthday party and so we eventually just put her in the room and went downstairs. She fell asleep on her own on the futon in our the loft upstairs.

That night, the crib side went back on and she's been sleeping great again. Maybe we'll try to go back to the toddler bed in a week or so. The parental sanity can only take so much crazy at one time.