the easy life

Rhiannon and I have been to beaches in southern California, the north east coastline, and the Mexican Gulf coast, (and I've even been on the Mediterranean more than a few years ago,) and of all of those places, Hawaii has to have some of the nicest beaches and ocean we've seen. The weather was basically perfect every day - in the mid 80s, not too humid. Never too hot to be outside, but never cold, even when the wind was blowing a little. After being back at work for a full week and then some, I understand that if we actually lived down there, we would still have to work and do normal household things. Not every day would just be a day on the beach. However, if I ever happened to win the lottery, I think I might have an idea where you might find me.

Footprints in the Sand

We have had some excellent weather here at home recently, so I really can't complain all that much. We laid a blanket down both days this past weekend and basked out in our own backyard. It was just missing the sound of the ocean (and maybe the actual ocean itself). Rhiannon and I discussed getting one of those nighttime ambient noise makers with the crashing wave sounds to play during the afternoon. It seems like a great idea - the sounds of the beach without getting sand all over the place - until you look up and recall that you are much closer to snow on the mountains than anything resembling an island in the Pacific.