it's all a blur

I know some of you may be wondering when the real set of pictures from Hawaii (as in the ones not linked from Twitter) are going to hit the site. I'm working on it. The trip was a blast and it turns out we have a little one at home who really likes to have my attention when I'm not at work. Still, it will get done faster than her baby books are. I'm only two years behind on that already so what's a few more weeks of putting it off to work on Hawaii pics, right?

Blurry Night

This picture is my new background for my computer. It was taken along the canal in Honolulu that seems to be popular with rowing teams out practicing. If you follow it far enough, you eventually get to the ocean. I know that's true of pretty much any major waterway, but in this case, far enough is more along the scale of a couple miles rather than hundreds. I'm still trying to find some reason that I shouldn't want to live there.