dinner out

Last Friday, I was off from work and spent the majority of the day painting in the garage. We've only been working on finishing our garage organization project for three years now, so I suppose it's time to go ahead and think about wrapping it up. We're at the point where we have more stuff than can comfortably lean up against walls and still allow us to park two cars inside, so it's time to go vertical. When I have these days off, we have the option of me keeping Brooklynn home with me and not making any real progress on our home projects or sending her to daycare, at which point I feel sort of obligated to get some work done.

Result - when you spend several hours of a day painting a twelve foot ceiling, you don't feel like cooking supper that evening and you go out to eat. Typically, on these days, one of us will run out, pick up food, and take it home. Last Friday, Rhiannon got home early and we decided that theĀ convenienceĀ of not having any dishes at home was worth taking Brooklynn out.

We're at the point where it's getting easier to just get her a kid's meal than try to feed her parts of our food. We do this at home and she will eat half of our plate if it's something she likes, so rather than resenting the small child for taking our dinner, we just get her own food. Especially when the meal involves applesauce.

We were planning on attending a birthday party for one of my friends on Saturday and Rhiannon had a specific adult beverage she wanted to take with us, so we stopped at the liquor store next to the restaurant after our meal. Brooklynn is rarely content to be carried around a store, even for a few minutes, so I figured that I would be tasked with keeping her away from all the floor level glass bottles while Rhiannon looked around.


This liquor store had a small table with crayons, so the problem wasn't keeping Brooklynn away from the bottles. It turned out to be getting her out of the store. This was honestly one of the last things I ever expected to find inside a store where you have to be 21 years old to legally make a purchase.