just a matter of timing

Looking at the calendar, I find that we have ourselves a 21 month old, just three months shy of 2. (Yes, time to write a monthly letter again.) With advancing age comes advancing independence and the desire to do grown-up things. Like becoming interesting in the intended uses of the toilet. Rhiannon has been asking Brooklynn if she needs to sit on the potty before her bath in the evenings and sometimes we get yes as an answer. We've also been emptying the filled diapers into the toilet and letter her flush, teaching her that this is where the "yuck" goes. Yuck also goes in the garbage, so if you ever visit our house to find Brooklynn squatting on a trash can, you'll know that our clever plan has gone horribly wrong.

It seems that at least one morning each week when I get Brooklynn up, her diaper is still dry. We haven't paid much attention to how this corresponds to waking time or to how much water she drank in the bath the night before, but it does indicate that she is starting to gain some sort of bladder control.

This morning was one of those mornings. So, I asked her if she needed to sit on the potty. Yep, she did. I grabber her out of the crib, grabbed the diaper and clothes I had intended to put on her, and headed over to the bathroom. She sat and smiled at me and we waited. And waited. I asked her if she was done. No. Waited. Are you done? Yes, she was. She hopped off, closed the lid, and flushed. Right idea, just not the desired first step. Still, she's trying and we're not forcing anything on her yet.

And, as she stood by the toilet before I put her diaper on, she peed on the floor.