growing (or not)

Yes, posting has been light around here as of late. Blame it on unusually busy work lives, the fact that Brooklynn was home sick for three days with flu-like symptoms (she's better now), or that we're trying to get up early and start working out in the mornings again which means getting to bed at a decent time of night. Whatever excuse works for you, it basically comes down to the fact that I've been a little bit lazy when it comes to keeping up with everything on the site. So, to assure everyone that we're still alive and kicking, here's Brooklynn last weekend when she decided that she would use her baby's stroller as a seat for herself.

We were suprised that the stroller didn't bend a little bit more until we weighed her and found that she hasn't really gained any weight since before Thanksgiving. Not to be concerned - she's still in the top quarter for size when put on the standard percentile charts. She's just a little more normal than she was.

Maybe normal is too strong a word, but you get the idea.