month twenty

Dear Brooklynn, February has to be the hardest month to actually remember when you get another month older. Since you were born on the 29th, we weren't really sure if we should say you are another month older on the last day of February or the first day of March. Throw in the fact that we had some family visiting and your completion of the first two decades (in months) of your life just passed us by.

w/ the Grandparents

This month, we had two visits from family on both sides. Each time, you freaked out right when they arrived. There was much hiding behind legs and clinging to shoulders and shyly smiling from behind Mom or Dad, but both times, within 15 minutes, you were starting to play with the newcomers. And then, an hour later, it was like they lived with us the entire time. I think we can handle the cautiously social stage you are in right now. I don't worry about you running off with strangers, but I know that even if you are crying when we leave you at home with the babysitter, you'll get it over it in a few minutes.

A couple weeks ago, we happened to be at the library during story time. You were one of the youngest kids there and you still sat through eveything for a full half-hour. I don't know that you were really hanging on every word and you certainly didn't get all of the actions down for the songs, but we did find out that you enjoy the Eensy-Weensy Spider song tremendously. You also like to sit in the library chairs and pick out books to take home and look through.

Reading with Mom

Mom organized your toy corner by the fireplace so there would be a space you could actually get to all your books and I finally installed the periscope on your treehouse and suddenly it was like having a whole new set of toys in the living room. You still haven't really grasped the concept of how the periscope works. I think that you notice you can look through it, but it still gets used as something to talk into more than anything else. Soon enough I will teach you the physics behind light reflection. Trust me, your mom can hardly wait. Now I just need for you to start talking a little more so I can teach you to say things relating to transforming wave functions in the time domain to frequency domain and analyzing the impulse function response. I'll explain it all later.

Little Chef

Speaking of talking, we're ready for you to start anytime. Yes, people have warned us to be careful what we wish for, implying that once you start talking, we will never get you to be quiet again. Apparently you have decided to take after your mom develop the grunting/screaming system of communication. You will answer yes and no at appropriate times, signifying that, for the most part, you do understand what we are telling you. I do wonder how it affects you when we ask if you want to do something (take a bath, for instance) and we tell you too bad and throw you in the water anyway.

Bottoms up

At least you manage to communicate your desires to people. It is easier to deal with than just listening to you yell "No!" all the time. Really, we've settled in to enough of a routine with you, we can pretty much guess what you want to do without you having to say anything. Get up in the morning - choose between a banana and a Nutrigrain bar. Refuse to sit in high chair while eating. Go to daycare. I don't know what you do all day there, but you always seem to be having a good time whenever I've picked you up.

Come home. Play for a little bit. Eat dinner, as long as there is some sort of condiment to dip your food into. Ketchup is the best, but don't worry, ranch, mustard, sour cream, plain yogurt, anything will do. You've even displayed a liking for medium salsa, using tortilla chips as a spoon to eat whole mouthfuls. I guess you do have a little bit of me in you as well.

Playing with Dad

After dinner, we play a little bit more. Then it's off to take a bath, brush your teeth, read a story, kiss Piglet goodnight, and go to sleep. On the weekends, we have to be very careful to correctly phrase any possibility of going outside with what we are going to do once we head out there. If left up to you, we would go out for a walkevery day regardless of the weather, so we have to tell you if it's going to be a drive before we start. Otherwise, we get to tear a crying toddler away from the stroller and wrangler her in to her car seat. Unless of course there is snow on the ground. You and the white stuff do not agree.

Yes Brooklynn, you still manage to make our routine days an adventure. Just think, only 196 months until you are 18 and we send you off into the world. Actually, when I think about it that way, it doesn't really sound like that long. Especially when we pull your ever longer hair back into ponytails and it seems like you are closer to 10 years than 10 months old.


Go ahead and stay little for a tiny bit more.

Love, Dad