head first?

Ever since Brooklynn got a small slide that sits in our house for Christmas, she's been much more inclined to explore other slides at various parks she goes to. Like, say this one, at the park near daycare. (Thanks to Jamie for the picture.)

I do hope that she managed to sit down and go feet first before sliding down. I've seen her dismounts on the slide at home - it's a last drop of about 3 inches and she still ends up plopping on her butt more often than not.

This is for all of our family who lives to the north of us that wish they could stay consistently above freezing this time of year. And yes, I do realize that by posting this, I'm just asking to get about three feet of snow in March, which is traditionally the snowiest month of the year. To make up for it, maybe I won't post the picture I took yesterday of Rhiannon's tulips starting to peek through the mulch on the front of the house.