little helper

One of Brooklynn's recent developments wanting to see and help with everything that goes on in the kitchen. We've been washing hands in the sink after supper for several months, but now she wants to be standing on a chair to watch everything happen all throughout the process of food prep, cooking, and clean up. I'm not complaining about it - it is an easy way to keep her occupied. The other night, while I made sloppy joes on the stove, she "cooked" in her own pan on the counter complete with can of tomato paste, wooden spoon, and several measuring cups. I don't even know why we need toys anymore when kitchen items are so cool.

The only time this really gets challenging is when we are making something that requires a large prep and cooking are and involves both Rhiannon and myself. We can't put her right next to a hot stove or within arms reach of anything that could be dangerous or we don't want her to ruin. She demands to be at the counter and not next to oven where she can't see anything. In these situations, she seems to end up by the sink and what do we do at the sink? Of course, we wash our hands.

This was the situation last weekend when we were making the cheesecake truffles. Brooklynn was a little upset that we were standing at the counter with our backs to her blocking her view, so I turned on the water so she could wash her hands. I was wetting my hands to roll cheesecake every minute or so, so I figured a trickle of constant water couldn't hurt anything.

Brooklynn washed her hands for a while, washed her mouth, scrubbed the side of the sink a little. Awesome, free cleaning.

And then I noticed that she had moved on to washing her arms and hair and dripping water all over the chair and floor.

Helping Wash Up

Apparently she's mad that we never actually gave her a bath in the kitchen sink and trying to make up for it now.