better this than the alternative

Everyone in our house has been sick the past several days. Rhiannon has been sick the majority of the past few months with something or another, and at this point we're wondering what else she could possibly pick up from the rugrats at school. Brooklynn has been relatively healthy this winter with just a few colds to show. One round of decongestant and antibiotics over Christmas time. And I finally picked up a head cold that I've been avoiding since cold season began. It hit me hard over the weekend but I have hope that I'm on the mend. We've had recent nights of poor sleep due to congestion, aching, and a baby who sleeps through her own coughing even when her parents don't.

On Monday, a little past midnight, I ended up going in to her room to try and give her water for her throat only to find she was still pretty much asleep.  She didn't want water but she was very willing to be picked up and snuggle up on my shoulder. The change in position must have been enough, because she stopped coughing, and if it wouldn't have been the middle of the night, I might have sat down in her chair for a while her and enjoyed the cuddle. But, I had to be at work the next morning and it was the middle of night, so I put her back down and went back to bed myself.

The next morning, as I struggled to clear the accumulated crap out of my throat (quietly - Rhiannon was still sleeping) and groggily stumbled to the shower after hitting snooze one more time than I intended, I thought to myself that all of us being sick at the same time is one of the worst things that could happen.

On the third Wednesday of January, just one short year ago, Rhiannon called and told me that she and Brooklynn were in the emergency room and Brooklynn was being admitted to the hospital.

Yes, we're all a little under the weather. But, knock on wood, no one is headed to the hospital anytime soon. I'll take it and be happy. Happiness is, after all, just a matter of perspective.