another year

In contrast to Brooklynn, whose age we are still tracking in months, I am several years into the "adult" stage of my life. I've been in the full-time workforce longer than I attended college, making it the longest I've done any one thing since elementary school lasted for six years. And I don't even get summers off. There are days I really dread getting older to the point that I will outright refuse to talk about how close I'm getting to not being in my twenties anymore. I think it's because once a person is 30 and above, it's time to stop being young. It's time to be an adult and be serious about life. It's time to grow up.

While I don't claim to be a Toy'R'Us kid and not want to grow up (I've always felt that song was just a huge rip-off of Peter Pan), a part of me of me isn't ready to let go of the idea that I could enroll in college and be just fine hanging out with 18 to 22 year olds. When my friends get together, we tend to hang out, talk about sports, and play cards, which is what we did in college. How much could have I really changed?

So, I decided to make a list of things that make me want to be a "kid" vs. being an "adult". I will keep score for each and declare a winner.


  • Sleep in due to lack of morning classes. (+1)
  • Have little in the way of belongings that cost money. (+1)
  • Eat whatever sounds good at any time. (+1)
  • Accrue student loans. Live off extra cash from tuition refunds. (+1)
  • Attend class for a whopping maximum of 20 hours a week at most. Finish homework in less time than that. Reserve weekends for staying up late and general laziness. (+2)
  • Recover quickly from strenuous activity. (+1)
  • Be financially limited due to lack of actual income. (-1)
  • Be fine with cheap beer. (+1)
  • Highlight of family visiting is going out to eat knowing that they will pay for it. (+1)
  • Have no substantial cash savings. (-1)
  • Have the ability to see $40 as a lot of money. (+1)
  • Hang out with friends on a daily basis. (+2)

Total: +10, a strong showing.


  • Get up every morning well before the sun comes up to go to work. (-2)
  • Own cars. (+1)
  • Pay for cars. (-1)
  • Pay for insurance. (-1)
  • Pay for registration. (-1)
  • Own house. (+1)
  • Pay for house. (-1)
  • Pay for maintenance, utilities, and upkeep. (-1)
  • Do things on the weekend like shop at Home Depot for new wall colors. (Surprisingly, I like this. +1)
  • Watch what I eat. Desk jobs don't burn calories. (-1)
  • Pay off student loans. (-1)
  • Contribute to retirement accounts. (+1, as long as the stock markets don't completely tank.)
  • Play 20 minutes of pickup basketball. Feel like I might die on the court. (-2)
  • Have a substantial discretionary income and earning power that comes with job due to college degree and years of work experience. (+2)
  • Be fine with cheap beer. (+1)
  • Highlight of family visiting if having someone to watch your children. (+2)
  • Hang out with wife on daily basis. (+3 - sorry friends, I know who will eventually read this)
  • Have kid who wakes up in the middle of night disrupting sleep. (-2)
  • Have kid who runs across a room to give me hugs when I get home from work. (+10)
  • Have good a great family, same friends as I had in college, and the comfort that comes with being happy with the direction my life is headed. (+20)

Ok, it was touch and go there in the middle. I thought that "kid" was going to have a real shot. The more I think about it, it isn't so much of being an adult that bothers me, it's just the idea of getting old and cranky and the person who think that teenagers need to stop spending so much time on their skateboards and get serious about life.

Too late...