so this is winter

Rhiannon had a snow day on Monday. Yes, at noon, it was sunny outside. But at 7 am, it was snowing, cold, and windy. Mostly the kind of stuff that people in Denver haven't had to deal with all winter up to this point. Three days later, nothing has really started to melt yet. Residential roads are still snowpacked and slick in places. (And all our family who lives to the north of us just rolled their eyes. Snowpacked roads! For three days! Call the national guard!)

We didn't know if school would actually be canceled or delayed or have no impact at all. When I woke Rhiannon up in the morning to tell her she could sleep in, she assumed that I was going to tell her that school was running on time and she needed to get going early because traffic was going to be bad.

It took me a little extra time to get to work on Monday morning, but I did leave the house early enough to beat most of bad traffic. The difference between growing up in a small town in North Dakota and a bigger metropolitan area on a snowy morning isn't that the roads are better or worse in one place than the other. It isn't that the average person knows how to drive better on snow. It's that there are so many more people, you don't get the roads as much to yourself and the chances of that one stupid person being an idiot, causing an accident, and creating a traffic jam of hundreds of cars stretching for a few miles is a little higher in the metro area.

Ok, maybe people in North Dakota just know how to drive a little bit better too.

First real snow of the new year